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How to use WinAVI to merge AVI movie and srt subtitle file then making DVD files

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WinAVI is the best video converter I used currently. Let’s see a simple demo for merge AVI and subtitle files.

Step 1. Prepare avi and srt files
prepare avi and srt files

Step 2. Open WinAVI All-in-One converter
Open WinAVI All-in-One converter

Step 3. Select avi file
Select avi file

Step 4. click Advanced button to see options
click Advanced button to see options

Step 5. SEE!! srt option!!
SEE!! srt option!!

Step 6. click START and GO!
click START and GO!

Step 7. Done!!
DONE!! happy!!

Let’s see the dvd folder. that’s cool!
the DVD folder

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